[physfs] Wishlist

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Thu Jan 28 03:15:13 EST 2010

> If you don't want this, just say you don't, but please don't make these
> excuses that it would be hard or messy to do.

There's really no need to be rude.

I gave my reasons--even if you don't like them--but the ultimate reason 
is that I don't feel it would be good for the API.

If someone needs to read and write to what might be different files, 
then I'd rather keep the separation very obvious by having them maintain 
two file handles on their own, especially since one of the goals of 
PhysicsFS is to provide a sandbox between where the user may read and 
where the user may write. Adding a single file handle that both reads 
and writes doesn't make sense in this context, even if there are cases 
where it might happen to work out sort of okay.


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