[physfs] PHYSFS_stat/HG & Numerical Errorcode

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Thu Feb 18 09:37:43 EST 2010

> In platform_windows.c in line 1497 you forgot the pointer to the stat:

Fixed, thanks!

> HGMERGE='sh -c "cp $2 $1"' hg merge
> worked for me ;)

They really need to add an "hg merge --theirs" and "hg merge --mine" or 

> Looks like your default branch will become a different branch in my
> repository.

Nope, still the default branch. The latest revision has two parents, so 
the UI picked one.

> As you take this work so lightly could you please take a look at my
> ErrorCode branch and tell me if you like the idea? It's a work in
> progress and i've made a few new files so i have a clearer work area,
> they can be merged later.

I'll take a look soon.


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