[physfs] Mounting Archive from within an archive

Christian zicodxx at yahoo.de
Fri Aug 13 13:40:26 EDT 2010

Hey Christoph,

Thanks for your reply. I feared that this would be the case but well, "if you 
don't ask you won't know", I guess. :)

Well I at least came up with an idea on how to solve this. I don't know if I'm 
going to implement this idea but IF I would do it like this:

Even if I cannout mount the file I can check pretty good if it is located in an 
archive or in physical form in the "missions/" directory. 
If it's in an archive I probably just  read out the HOG and write it to 
"missions/" physically. In short: extracting the file. If the mission is 
unloading, this temporary HOG could be removed/deleted/overwritten. 

Anyways thanks for the help!

Best regards,

> Am 12.08.2010 22:15, schrieb Christian:
> > So is it even possible what I am trying to do here?

> No, this cannot work. The supported archives are all hardwired to use
> the platform-specific file I/O functions, so "chaining" or cascading is
> not supported. The files made available by PHYSFS cannot used by PHYSFS
> itself, it just not looks for them.

> Kind Regards

> Christoph
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