[physfs] Adding Support for Custom Archives

Indy Sams indy at driftsolutions.com
Wed Aug 4 21:29:51 EDT 2010

Hello Kip,

	I would recommend keeping a copy of the PhysicsFS source with your project, it's what I do when I use modified copies. If you are just adding an archiver it is also very simple to maintain since the only edits you have to make to the actual PhysicsFS code is 2-3 lines to add the archiver in if you want to keep it up to date.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 9:21:56 PM, you wrote:

KW> On Tue, 2010-08-03 at 14:30 -0400, Ryan C. Gordon wrote: 
>> You could just include the PhysicsFS source with your project (this was 
>> the intention, as most targets don't have the luxury of relying on a 
>> Debian package).

KW> I could do that, but there are two problems with that. (1) I really
KW> prefer to rely on the package manager. (2) I could add it as an svn
KW> extern (I'm using svn), but your repository is git and I wouldn't know
KW> how to reconcile the two attractively.

>> One of the goals for PhysicsFS 2.1 is to allow for external archivers, but 
>> this work hasn't started yet. I'll probably spend time doing major updates 
>> to PhysicsFS in a month or two after things calm down around my house.

KW> That sounds like a great idea, but I am confronted with a dilemma. As
KW> you say, you have some things to sort out in personal life, so I don't
KW> know how long before we see a pluginable interface being available. So I
KW> either have to include a static snapshot into my source and patch that,
KW> or wait and use the newer 2.1 interface. Either way, they both involve
KW> some important design decisions that I need to make quickly.

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