[physfs] Two Linux problems

Thorbjørn Lindeijer bjorn at lindeijer.nl
Mon Jul 6 14:02:13 EDT 2009

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 18:27, Henk Boom<henk at henk.ca> wrote:
> The other problem that I ran into is that ~ isn't expanded to the
> user's home directory during the path search, so if I put the
> executable into ~/local/bin/, and put '~local/bin/' in my path rather
> than the full path, it's not found.

Here I can say that expanding ~ to your home directory is the
responsibility of your shell, and you don't have a shell. To get this
behaviour, you could use the HOME environment variable manually, for
example. Or, since you're using PhysFS already anyway, use


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