[physfs] PhysicsFS 2.1 roadmap...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Apr 8 02:59:52 EDT 2009

> uncompression is part of the processing. If you support tar.bz2 and 
> tar.gz, then it would be good to be able to provide a custom 
> uncompression routine, which could be highjacked to do things like 
> unecryption instead.

Exposing the file i/o layer will allow this; the .zip archiver won't 
know that it's pulling from an encrypted stream of bytes, since the 
application is sitting between and handing it decrypted bytes.

The file i/o layer (if my plans work out) will work for both getting 
data from places other than a file on disk, and for functioning as a 
plugin system for new archive types. Really, there's a lot of 
interesting things you could do with it. In many ways, it'll be like a 
simple FUSE filesystem, although I certainly wouldn't want to go as far 
as FUSE does.


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