[physfs] Does PHYSFS_close really return 0 on error?

David Olsen jolynsbass at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 18:03:37 EDT 2007

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Subject: Re: [physfs] Does PHYSFS_close really return 0 on error?

>> It always returns the same number of succesful closes as opens (e.g. 66 
>> or
>> so for the first part of my game, 175 total after the second part.) 
>> However,
>> it won't remove one of the .zip files from the search path, claiming that 
>> files are still open.
> Is there any way I can I get a copy of the program? I'd like to step 
> through it in a debugger, if possible.
> --ryan.

Yeah, I guess so. What all will you need? I assume all of the source, & 
project files, and necessary data files, etc... I use MSVC++ 2005 Express 
Edition, so I could just send you the solution/project file if you use that 
as well. If you would drop me a personal email at 
jolynsbass*at*gmail*dot*com, I'll come up with a file sharing link for you. 
I'd prefer not to let the source go public (mostly just because it's a real 
mess!) so I don't want to post a link via the mailing list.
-David Olsen

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