Rev. 915: Problems compiling with MingW (plus solution)

foracc foracc at
Mon Oct 1 14:01:28 EDT 2007

Hello everybody,

I tried to compile the SVN revision 915 with MingW, but ran into 
problems in platform/windows.c:

first of all MingW doesn't like the 0xFFFFFFFF00000000 in the 
HIGHORDER_UINT64 macro (line 31/32). Apparently MingW tries to convert 
it to a long, but it's too large for that type. Adding a "LL" at the end 
will fix that, though (result is "0xFFFFFFFF00000000LL").

then there are two warning which stop the code from compiling 
successfully in line 336 and 363. Both are "unused variables" warning.

I didn't really test with those fixes, but the example program works, so 
I don't know if that first fix breaks anything, especially with other 


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