[physfs] mount points, etc...

Philip D. Bober wildfire1138 at mchsi.com
Wed Mar 16 16:22:47 EST 2005

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> 1.0.1 will not have mount points, this is strictly 2.0 stuff, but it 
> could be useful if you want to maintain your original patch for your own 
> project...a lot of PhysicsFS internals have been ripped up, so your 
> original patch won't apply to 2.0 (although the API is the same, so 
> theoretically you can just move to the dev branch, bugs aside.

I'll probably do that, I could use some of the other 2.0 stuff.

> Also, is your project something public I can play with? I'm looking for 
> good test cases to bang on the mount point code.
Sorta. It's certainly free for anyone to download, but it's only usable 
if you own a copy of "Microsoft 3D Movie Maker" (which has been out of 
print for years).
It's also supposed to be GPL'd, but I haven't bothered uploading the 
source yet. (There's only a small community of people interested in it, 
and I'm the only C++ programmer among them). If you happen to have a 
copy of this obscure 9-year-old game lying around, you can grab my 
project here: http://v3dmm.com/downloads/v3dmm_011.exe

I've considered writing a PhysFS-based mini-unarchiver, for testing 
physfs (in connection with my barely-started PhysFS-Python binding), 
I'll see if I can get time to do that.

-Philip D. Bober

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