[physfs] mount points, etc...

Philip D. Bober wildfire1138 at mchsi.com
Wed Mar 16 11:58:00 EST 2005

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> (This email never seems to have made it to the list...edited, updated 
> and resent... --ryan.)
> ...the initial mount points code is in Subversion. It's based on 
> Philip's patch, but there were about a thousand corner cases I needed to 
> handle, and some internals had changed dramatically (and, y'know, I 
> can't leave well enough alone...)

Glad to see my code finally getting used! (other than in my program suite)
Ah. I don't think you ever got my second patch, I fixed a few important 
complications of the original (problems with listing directories, mostly).
You probably fixed the same things I did though.
I don't know about your changes, but the patched version I've been using 
in my programs has been used since October, and we've had no problems 
with it. (Through 11 versions of the software running with a few hundred 
mounted archives, in a rather fault-intolerant environment.)

BTW, How can I access the subversion server? There's no connection info 
on the website, and I've not seen it on the list.

-Philip D. Bober

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