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Tue Sep 21 14:50:06 EDT 2004

>>> What is the "standard distro" of zlib under Windows?
>> Not sure what your point is.
>>  From http://www.gzip.org/zlib/ which where presumable where it 
>> originally came from for insertion into the physfs "standard distro". If 
>> your looking for compiled dlls then here: 
>> http://www.winimage.com/zLibDll/
> We're talking about two different things here. Brian and I are referring 
> to a version of zlib that ships with Windows which apps can link against, 
> you're talking about using one zlib.dll for all the parts of your app 
> instead of the statically linked one in physfs.
> I don't know a clean way to do this with Visual Studio (but I'm not very 
> good with VS...), but if there's a convenient way to remove Z_PREFIX, not 
> build zlib, and link against another, then I'm cool with it.
> You might have to mangle the project files yourself to get the desired 
> effect.

It looks like we were at cross-wires here, I get the point now. I kind of 
assume anyone using physfs on windows understands about dependencies. In 
other libraries I use the solution to windows dependencies is to provide a 
separate download containing the dependent libs as headers and libraries. We 
use OpenSceneGraph which provides a zip like that (as there are lots of 
optional dependencies!). That might be an alternative, to providing the zlib 
source for everyone. I don't know what is best, as a Windows programmer, I 
assume ypu have to go get dependencies off the net somewhere.

    I guess any dependency zip could also include other useful libs which 
have been modded for physfs maybe, I've got libpng, libjpeg, (an older 
version of) freetype and jasper if you want them. I guess you have to bear 
in mind any licensing for modified versions of these libs, though.

The Z_PREFIX issue is a non-issue with VisualStudio if you use a shared dll 
throughout your project. I use the binaries available from winimage.com and 
just add that to the project dependencies. I've attached my VS.NET 2003 
project if you want to take a look, as an example. You could add 
configurations to support zlib statically and dynamically I guess. Then it's 
up to the programmer to choose which version they want. 
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