[physfs] 2.0 wishlist...

Tree tree at stain.org
Tue Sep 21 11:05:37 EDT 2004

>> Remove bundled zlib and use standard distro. I can't see any diffs except
>> the use of the Z_PREFIX usage.
> It should favor the distro zlib unless it a) can't find it or b) you
> requested to use the included copy at ./configure time.
> (If it's not doing this, it's a bug)

Ah...well I was using the VisualStudio project originally, where you don't 
get a choice.

>> [**] Again something we already have externally, because I added it to a
>> modified abs-file.h we use. Because we used them a lot with text files 
>> prior
>> to using physfs, we figured adding support to physfs was fair enough. 
>> I've
>> attached the abstraction file we use, they are a quick hacky job, I'm 
>> sure
>> they are better ways to do it. (The vsscanf method is missing under 
>> windows
>> so had to be botched, and a better PC specific asm hack is on the web but
>> this one is cross-platform.)
> I don't really want to put printf-style stuff into physfs itself, but it
> should definitely be in the extras dir, so people can use it if they
> want.

That's fair enough if physfs is purely for binary read/write operations. If 
physfs is meant to be an alternate file system then it does add 


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