[physfs] win32: Using PhysFS from inside a DLL?

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Wed Sep 3 17:17:43 EDT 2003

Hi Travis,

It is fine using physfs with dlls. If you pass a blank string "" into the
physfs_init method from anywhere in the dll it all works just fine on
windows. I think the argv[0] isn't that relevant on the windows platform.
I'm not sure why you think working with PhysFS in a dll should be any
different from an exe, except for the init string. We use it as a dll just
fine. We don't have an exe as our app is mostly in java, so using dlls is
our only option.


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> Can PhysFS be used (Started, read/write files, and shutdown) from inside a
> DLL?
> I'm asking cause I've been working on adding features to an oldish windows
> game, and I've been doing this mainly through DLL interception, so all my
> code is inside of DLLs.
> I've been working out how to do a virtual file system (through
> the open-file calls), and PhysFS would be perfect for this, I just don't
> know how well it would work in a DLL.
> (Aside from any more technical problems, there's no way I can get at
> but I should be able to fake that pretty easily)
> -Travis Wells

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