[physfs] win32: Using PhysFS from inside a DLL?

Philip D. Bober wildfire1138 at mchsi.com
Wed Sep 3 16:20:41 EDT 2003

Can PhysFS be used (Started, read/write files, and shutdown) from inside a

I'm asking cause I've been working on adding features to an oldish windows
game, and I've been doing this mainly through DLL interception, so all my
code is inside of DLLs.
I've been working out how to do a virtual file system (through intercepting
the open-file calls), and PhysFS would be perfect for this, I just don't
know how well it would work in a DLL.
(Aside from any more technical problems, there's no way I can get at argv0,
but I should be able to fake that pretty easily)

-Travis Wells

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