[physfs] Packaging programs using PhysFS + ...

Gaetan de Menten ged at bugfactory.org
Thu May 15 16:19:21 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 19:07, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> On 13 May 2003, Gaetan de Menten wrote:
> > I'm using physfs in a game but since physfs is not that well-known, it
> > seems like binary packages for it are not widespread. Even on the
> > official page, the binaries are out of date. As I don't want my users
> > to have to compile the library themselves, what should I do? "Copy"
> > its source in my source tree (in a subdirectory) and statically link
> > to it? or build those binary packages myself and distribute them "on
> > the same page" as my game?

> Currently, your best bet would be to include the physfs shared library
> with your app and not concern yourself with what the user has installed.

That's usual practice on windows anyway, but what about other OSes?
Namely, how could I achieve that "cleanly" on Linux? Does it depend on
the package system used?

> I'm considering changing the license to something like the BSD license,
> which would allow static linking.

Isn't this already allowed with the LGPL? I thought I could do it as
long as I provide a mean for the user to recompile my stuff wh any new
version of the library. And as my game is a GPL one, that wouldn't be a

> > While I'm at it... I hope it'll be included in SDL2.0... Any hope for
> > this?
> No.

Why not?

> > One more thing:
> > It would be nice (and easy to do) to have a function returning the
> > number of files in a directory and another one to read a "text" line
> > (read until a \n).
> Untested code follows: 
> [...]

Thanks a lot for the trouble, but... Well... In fact... I didn't mean to
say I needed to know how to do that. I already got my own version of
those functions, but I just thought it would be a nice addition to the

Thanks for your answers,

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