descent and physfs

Bradley Bell btb at
Mon Mar 17 18:46:21 EST 2003

So I was looking at physfs, and I realized that if I switched d2x's file loading
stuff over to physfs, I could eliminate countless ugly hacks and workarounds.
To do so, physfs would need a couple more archive formats added: HOG and MVL. 
these are both trivial formats, similar to GRP, and I have already written the
drivers for them.
Would you like them added to the main source tree?
ARJ would also be pretty useful to have, as it would enable d2x to read its data
directly from the CD.

One feature that would be important to have is case-insensitivity.  This is easy
enough to add to my drivers, and I noticed that the qpak driver is case-insensitive.
But I was thinking: shouldn't this be a feature that can be turned on and off,
and in order to be consistent, shouldn't all the drivers be capable of being
case-insensitive?  including the DIR driver?


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