Tabs to Spaces

James Turk james at
Sun Jun 22 07:25:50 EDT 2003

I know this is no big deal but I got bored a few days ago and started 
looking through some TODO files of projects I use, not much I could do 
for PhysFS I figured but when I glanced in the changelog I noticed there 
was something real trivial that I could do so that other people wouldn't 
have to worry about it: removing tabs.  I've gone ahead and removed all 
the tabs and replaced them with 4 spaces (except in pocketpc.c where 
some alignment was needed).  I'm not too experienced with contributing 
to projects I dont have full CVS access to, and when I generated a diff 
it looked nothing like the diffs I'm used to seeing, if you're 
interested the patch I made this let me know what arguments to diff I 
should use and I'll send it along. 

(by the way, just to test that I didnt mess anything up, a diff with -wr 
(ignore whitespace & recurse subdirectories) turns up no changes so it's 
100% safe to commit)

I hope this patch can help out, and sorry about my inability to create a 
good diff file.
       -James Turk

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