PHYSFS_seek/tell with buffered data

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Tue Jan 28 10:25:02 EST 2003


I've just been stuffing PhysFS into OpenSceneGraph ( file handling mechanism as I'm using archives. When I tested my code using the default initialisation I had PHYSFS_tell lying to me about it's current location in the file after a seek. I noticed that the buffer values don't get reset in PHYSFS_seek, so bufpos is the same as for the last read, this seems wrong to me. I added the line:

if(h->buffer != NULL)
    h->buffill = h->bufpos = h->bufsize;

just before the return in PHYSFS_seek. This makes is work just fine. Although I'm new to PhysFS, this seems like a bug to me. I'm surprised no one else has picked this up before, so am just wondering if I'm wrong in assuming that PHYSFS_tell(PHYSFS_filelength(handle)) should always return PHYSFS_filelength(handle).

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