Gregory S. Read zeph at
Tue Jan 7 18:55:07 EST 2003

I've written a .NET assembly that encapsulates the PhysFS API into two 
convenient classes.  The file access class is actually a 
System.IO.Stream derived object and its usage is very similar to other 
stream objects...but of course provides all of the additional 
functionality of PhysFS.

Assembly is basically complete and is bug free as much as I've tested so 
far.  There are a few things not implemented like "saneConfig" and some 
other minor helper functions I think.

Right now, the test app only tests the non-filehandle related functions. 
 There is no test app for the PhysFSFileStream object...although it has 
been extensively tested by me...and generally seems to work as expected. 
 All PhysFS functions will be added to this test app at some point.

The .NET stuff is all in the "extras" folder under CVS only.  Once 
everything stabilizes a bit more, I plan to make .NET assembly binaries 
(win32 only) publicly available.

I of course welcome any feedback and bug reports.  Please report them on 
the physfs mailing list as you would with any other physfs issues.

Kudos to Ryan Gordon for making PhysFS such a well-documented and stable 


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