[physfs] win32 updates.

Gregory S. Read zeph at clutteredmind.org
Mon May 6 15:48:58 EDT 2002

> I added
> at the beginning of physfs.h, but now it doesn't link:
> Linking...
>    Creating library physfs___Win32_Release_Singlethreaded_DLL/physfs.lib and object physfs___Win32
> _Release_Singlethreaded_DLL/physfs.exp
> win32.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _GetUserProfileDirectoryA at 12
> physfs___Win32_Release_Singlethreaded_DLL/physfs.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

Are you surprised?  I already said you would get linker errors because
you don't have the platform SDK (even though you're compiler was only complaining
about that one #define).  This is why I added the DISABLE_NT_SUPPORT
flag...so that the platform SDK wouldn't be required for users only
targetting Win9x.

> Are there any CVS programs for windows?
> I repeat it... can you distibute the BINARIES? Why the hell should we have Vi$ual C++, Core $DK, etc- when
> maybe we want to use the DLL with borland or some other compiler????

Yes there are...


Read the section on CVS.  There's a link for a win32 version there.

To answer your question about binaries...the answer is...not me.  I have
no intention of maintaining a binary DLL version of PhysFS...but if
someone cares to take that responsibility...we'd be more than thrilled to host it
on icculus.org.  I might change my mind once we have a solid 1.0
release...but for now, I'm not building any public binaries.

Also, there's no reason it shouldn't compile under Borland or what not
with relative ease.  Obviously, a new Borland project would need to be
created...but the code should compile cleanly.  If not, than that would
need to be fixed.


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