[physfs] Re: PhysFS... (fwd)

CRV§ADER/KY crusaderky at inwind.it
Wed May 1 13:31:19 EDT 2002

>> Cool! So I have to download 235MB of crappy SDK just because VC6 spits out
>> win32.c(680) : error C2065: 'INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER' : undeclared identifier
>> Are you crazy?
>I have to echo Greg's comments; this is Microsoft's poor design, and while
>it's quite a download, it's the best solution.
>The alternatives are:
>- Upgrade to Visual Studio.NET.
>- Put #ifdefs around the various things that need the updated SDK.
>One costs money and other hassles, the other loses functionality.
>The SDK can be ordered on CD if you can't download it.
>We should probably determine the version of the Platform SDK and #ifdef
>those sections anyhow (and stick a #warning in there), but ultimately,
>without those APIs, PhysicsFS is basically crippled on NT-based systems.
There are other two solutions: 
a)create a package for Borland C++ Builder!
b)make win32.c free of any SDKs. (is that so difficult? Since I don't have any SDKs installed and I only have 
that stupid INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER error, you may just define it.. OR AT LEAST TELL ME ITS VALUE...)

my specs:
Windows 98
Visual Studio 6 Service Pack 5


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