[physfs] Re: PhysFS... (fwd)

CRV§ADER/KY crusaderky at inwind.it
Wed May 1 04:42:19 EDT 2002

>The Platform SDK is required for building PhysFS in VC 6.0 (download atleast
>the Core SDK and WMI SDK).  All is available here
>http://www.microsoft.com/msdownload/platformsdk/sdkupdate/.  Be sure to run
>the shortcut provided by the SDK that registers all the required library and
>include directories in the Visual Studio environment.
>There's still some issues I need to work out in Win32...but this is the
>major compiler issue that everyone was screaming about.

Cool! So I have to download 235MB of crappy SDK just because VC6 spits out

win32.c(680) : error C2065: 'INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER' : undeclared identifier

Are you crazy?

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