bug with group (or world) writable permissions

Eric Wing ewing2121 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 2 14:53:14 EST 2002

Hello, I thought I would alert you to a possible bug
in 0.1.7.

If I create an zip archive and the write permissions
happen to be set for either the group or world (or
both), it seems to break PhysFS. (Tested in Debian
Woody and Redhat 7.3 using "zip") 

For very small files/archive, those files with those
bits don't appear in the directory list. For slightly
larger files using the "test_physfs" program,  I get
"Failure. reason: Out of memory."

I haven't experimentented with executable bits.

Attached is a sample of an archive that breaks PhysFS
giving me the Out of Memory message.


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