[openbox] Fullscreen and window layers problem

arcasys mail at arcasys.de
Mon Mar 28 19:13:58 EDT 2011

Hi folks,
I'm new to the list and I'm using openbox since quite a while for a Java
based POS system (POSper).
I like openbox for being  so lightweight and easy to configure. 
Now here's the problem:

The Java application POSper can run in window mode (but using the full
screen resolution or in fullscreen mode. In openbox it's configured to
run without window decorations.
The system uses a touchscreen, no keyboard, no mouse.
For occasional keyboard input, a virtual keyboard (xvkbd) can be started
from the application. In openbox it's configured
to appear at a defined position and on top.
If I start POSper in window mode everything is fine: the keyboard pops
up and I can enter input.
But if I start POSper in fullscreen mode the virtual keyboard never
appears on top although it's running.

Why can' I just stay with fullscreen mode then? Because, depending on
the monitor used, it can happen that a user inadvertently touches a
border of the window
and wipes it out of position and it's near to impossible to bring it

So I'm in a dilemma: I can either keep the application window stable in
place and have no virtual keyboard available or I can have the keyboard
but risk moving the application window.

I'd be grateful for any idea how to bring the  virtual keyboard on top
even when the Java application is in fullscreen mode.


Hans Artmann
Flüggenstr. 10
80639 München
Tel +49 89 17095721
Fax +49 89 17095722
Mob +49 151 17413090

Ust-Id: DE261339573
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