[openbox] dead keys

Jorge Almeida jjalmeida at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 17:30:55 EDT 2010

OK, I got it. Here it goes, in case someone else might be bitten by
the same problem:

xterm needs the variable XTERM_LOCALE to be set to the appropriate
locale. Otherwise, it is set to C. I set it in the startup script, to
no avail. The problem was that I had in my
autostart.sh file the lines
if test -e ~/.config/openbox/customautostart.sh; then
	 ~/.config/openbox/customautostart.sh &

I don't remember why, may I built it just to keep customizations
separate from the original stuff. Anyway, I suppose the trailing & has
the consequence that variables exported in customautostart.sh don't
make their way to applications launched via shortcut or menu (does
this make sense at all?)
So I just merged the contents of customautostart.sh into autostart.sh
and it works now...


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