[openbox] dead keys

Jorge Almeida jjalmeida at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 17:17:14 EDT 2010

On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 9:38 PM, Dana Jansens <dana at orodu.net> wrote:
> On 16/06/10 02:24 PM, Jorge Almeida wrote:
>> Makes sense. But still no joy. Of course, I'm just guessing that it
>> may be a locale problem.
> Stick this
>  xterm -e sh -c "locale;cat"
> in your autostart.sh, and you'll see what locale Openbox and other apps
> not run from a shell are using.
Right, I was using POSIX. It turns out that I had forgotten to put
"export " before each locale variable.  Now I have
en_US.utf8 but still the problem persists. The font used (Liberation)
is unicode, according to


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