[openbox] Req: Make autostart less awkward

Cedric Sodhi manday at gmx.net
Sat Aug 7 17:52:57 EDT 2010

Hello, I've got a small feature request which I bet is quickly 
implemented, that is to provide a script which is run *AFTER* openbox is 
loaded. From the wiki I've understood that for all those applications 
which enhance OB post startup (panels and so forth) one needs to 
introduce a sleep timeout so they get called once OB has surely loaded.

I think I musn't say that this is error prone, unflexible, introduces 
unessecary delays and is, tmho, utterly unelegant. You could do great 
work if you could let OB take a startup parameter / config option (cant 
tell what's more appropriate as I'm new to OB) which designates a script 
which is supposed to be run after OB has reach stable running status.

thanks for the effort already,

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