[openbox] fluxbox-like tabs via external tool ?

Stepan zelvicka at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 18:24:24 EST 2009

> Not sure if you want this for all apps, but if you're looking to do
> this only with your terminals check out roxterm.
I need unicode support. And I like grouping+tabbing different
aps together like gvim+terminal.

> Of course, this begs the question of if you're happy with fluxbox, why
> switch? (And no, I'm not being snide, just curious.)
Well, I like  fluxbox, but I was curious and today tried openbox.
Fluxbox has this excellent tabing and I prefer more non-xml
configuration files. But aside from that, openbox seems
every time just a little bit better. Little more mature, little
better middle-button desktop menu, little more configurable,
better configuration tools, little better  documentation.
Fluxbox panel is good but I prefere lx-/fb-panel anyway.


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