[openbox] Can't focus borderless terminal

Scott Horowitz stonecrest at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 14:43:00 EDT 2008

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 10:47 AM, Mikael Magnusson <lists at bak.och.fr.am>wrote:

> It's probably in override-redirect mode for some reason, which is not
> openbox's fault. You can check with xwininfo,
>  Override Redirect State: no

Indeed this appears to be true, it's in override redirect state. For what
it's worth, here's an abridged copy of the conversation that I had with (one
of?) the urxvt developers.

 12:16  sasha| hmm, let me check if urxvt indeed uses OverrideRedirect to
implement borderlesness
12:17  exg| it uses mwmhints and fallback to overrideredirect
12:32  sasha| stonecrest : I'm afraid you are out of luck, since apparently
openbox does not support Motif hints, which forces urxvt to use
overwrite-redirect, which, again, is not very well handled by openbox
12:32  sasha| so, no borderless term for you
12:33  stonecrest| sasha: why was this working with the previous xorg
version though?
12:34  sasha| probably, just some luck. It is not guaranteed to work, and
actually its more likely not to work then to work. It could even come down
to the small changes in timing
12:35  sasha| say, new xorg maps windows a little faster or a little slower,
enough to interfere
12:36  stonecrest| i see.. well thanks for the information, i will pass it
back along to the openbox devs.
12:40  sasha| truthfuly, urxvt should not have an option for borderless at
all, as there is no reliable way for application to implement it.
Borderlesness should only be impolemented through Window Manager settings

I guess I haven't checked if I can set the term as borderless through
openbox instead of urxvt. Is this possible?

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