[openbox] New theme: "Snow Falcon"

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sat Aug 21 06:42:33 EDT 2004

Last Friday 20 August 2004 14:19, John Russell was like:
> It is, and I know this is going to sound really lame, but sometimes
> I'm just reading something on a web page or a spec or something,
> scrolling with the mouse, and.... here's the lame part... resting my
> head on my left hand in the age old posture of laziness/boredom/large
> heavy headed people everywhere.   This actually caused me to go out
> and get the mouse gesture package for firefox, which is great for the
> headleaning web browsing crowd.
> Anyway, where this is all going, is.... the whole point of keyboard
> shortcuts is to not have to   move your hands off the mouse when
> you're typing.  

I always type with the mouse on both feet !:]

> On the other hand, if your hand is only on the mouse, 
> going back to the keyboard is just as bad.  All this leads me to
> liking themes with big buttons so I find them easily.

Seriously, The whole point is that you should be able to set up your desktop 
environment so that it's right for whatever habits or limitations you have 
(within reason). Because I used to use Windows, I always use a NLISMC button 
order - it means I don't have to 'find' the buttons even if they do display 
small, I know where they are - exactly where I put them to comply with my 
muscles' memory.

Your Mouse Mileage May Vary.

tim hall

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