[openbox] Focusing and Raising

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Mon Sep 29 14:46:33 EDT 2003

Ben Jansens ben-at-orodu.net |openbox-dev| wrote:
> I don't understand why one would want it to focus but not raise, then raise
> a short delay later. The idea behind the delay is so that when you move the
> mouse over a window quickly it doesnt mess up the staking order, the same
> applies to the focus delay, it keeps it from messing up the focus order.
> Whatever delay you use for raising is the delay you are expecting before
> using the window. Both delays solve the same problem from my eyes. I don't
> see why 2 different values would be needed.

No. 2 different values would indeed support my (imho not too bad) 
working habits.

It is like that: I have raising enabled because when I want to select a 
window with the mouse, I don't want to search for the title bar or 
whatever. It is really pleasent not to have to click.

I don't want the stacking order to be messed up, that's why I set a 
raise delay of about 500 msec.

On the other hand I use mouse and keyboard simultaneously, and I am 
working rather fast. It sometimes happens that I want to do some input 
on the newly focused window before it has been raised just because the 
mouse is already there!

Now you could say, "No problem, just make the raise delay shorter!" but 
in this case there is the danger of messing windows up.

I do not want to wait for a window to become usable until it is brought 
to front. If that would be the case, there wouldn't be a need for a 
focus-follow-mouse without raising the window.

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