[openbox] Menu troubles

Ruslan N. Balkin baron at voices.ru
Thu Jan 30 13:28:10 EST 2003

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:00:22 -0600
Ben Jansens wrote:

> Well, you're running openbox3, our latest and greatest in-development,
> menu-less window manager. :)
> At the moment, if you want to play with openbox3, you'll have to run
> stuff with keybindings (they're chainable) and mouse
> bindings. Openbox3 does have a lot of features already, and some even
> openbox2 didn't. But at the same time its missing some things (menus).
> If you want to play with it, i recommend copying the defaults.py to
> ~/.openbox/user.py and edit it to your tastes.
> Take a peek at:
> http://icculus.org/openbox/phpwiki/index.php/PythonScripting
Thanks for your response, I'll try digging into this. And I'll be happy
if somewhen perl scripting will be available, too, probably using swig
as python scripting does :)
I was really impressed with the openbox2, when I tried it, but right now
I'm using WindowMaker. and somewhen I read in todo's that WM-like
miniwindows should be somewhen supported (instead of slit in
bb/openbox2). Then I should definitely move into it :)
Well, have a good luck in developing OpenBox. It has a very good look
and I believe the scripting is a very useful approach.

WBR, Balkin Ruslan

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