Anatoly Asviyan anatoly.asviyan at terayon.com
Thu Jan 30 10:39:46 EST 2003

	hi all
i'm writing NETWM compliant taskbar and currently making it work with openbox.
almost all features worked out of the box (!!) besides switching the desktop.
openbox seems to ignore _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP message sent by taskbar.

Here is quote from http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/wm-spec/1.3/html/x110.html



The index of the current desktop. This is always an integer between 0 and
NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS - 1. This MUST be set and updated by the Window Manager.
If a Pager wants to switch to another virtual desktop, it MUST send a
_NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP client message to the root window:

  message_type = _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP 
  format = 32
  data.l[0] = new_index

I've attached the code that does exactly that. It works OK with sawfish
and does not work with openbox-2.1 and openbox-2.2

P.S. if someone is intrested in trying a taskbar you can take it here:
it requires GTK-1.2 and gdk_pixbuf

Regards, Anatoly

Regards, Anatoly
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