[obdgpslogger] Switching to Windows/Cygwin, can't get OBD data

Gary Briggs chunky at icculus.org
Sat Jul 17 17:25:27 EDT 2010

On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 05:17:39PM -0400, Robert Konigsberg wrote:
> Looks like taking these steps:
> * installing the OBD software package that comes with the USB device
> * Running the Windows program
> Seems to have done the trick.
> I know #2 seems like a Voodoo step, but I've noticed that obdgui can
> sometimes not show data, or not start correctly the first time around, but
> work well the second. So it's not unlikely that having another app speak to
> the USB connector works.
> Of course, I'm talking voodoo, and when people talk voodoo in my products I
> tell them they're crazy.

I guess it's possible that I fail to parse something because the device
defaults are odd or something. Which would be an easy bug to fix [early
on in execution, I send a bunch of commands to the device to configure
it how I want it. This would just be something to add].

Can you reliably reproduce this problem?
Does it still happen after unplugging and replugging the device?
If so, please could you look at what software you're using and
see if it posts a serial log?
Also, could you post a serial log from obdgpslogger for the non-working

Gary (-;

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