[obdgpslogger] Experience with default buld on OSX

Gary Briggs chunky at icculus.org
Tue Jul 13 11:59:25 EDT 2010

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 07:04:04AM -0400, Robert Konigsberg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've sent some of this information privately to Gary, but have made progress
> since then, and also, want to use the mailing list.
> Short version:
> * odbgpslogger has a source 0.15 version.
> * Gary has built a 0.11 OSX version, but it's hard-coded such that it
> doesn't work unless your username is chunky?

Close but not quite :-)

It's actually linked against a dynamic library for gpsd [oops], which
happened to be in my home directory and linked with the full path. So
not really a username-related issue, but an idiocy-on-my-part issue.

Totally my bad.

> OK, so some trial and error and I'm mostly there with the source.
> To get this to build on my Mac, I downloaded CMake (from cmake.org, not from
> fink, because fink's version of cmake is too old.)

Really? I think I'm using the one in Fink. If you're not already, you
should definitely enable unstable with "fink config", as the "stable"
stuff is oftentimes "archaic", in my experience. This sounds like one of
those cases :-)

> That's starting to work, but of course I'd like the gui, but it isn't
> building obdgui.
> Clues from cmake output help:
> > -- Couldn't find fluid: required for building GUI
> > -- Couldn't find fltk: required for building GUI
> > ...
> > -- Couldn't find fftw3: required for building obdfft
> I don't think I need fftw3 or obdfft. What is obdfft?
> Also, I can find fltk, but I can't find fluid. Tips?

obdfft [which is the only thing that uses libfftw3] is a fast fourier
transform tool I wrote. It loads up databases from logger, and can
export CSV after messing with the values a bit. If you have to ask, you
definitely don't need it.

As for fluid, it's part of fltk. Since you're using fink, you might want
to skip building your own fltk, and just install thus:
fink install fltk-aqua fltk-aqua-shlibs

Without fltk, I think the mac bundle will still build, but there's no
way it'll do anything useful.

If you don't have gpsd but want to use it, I documented how to build it
a long time ago here:

After doing that, you'll want to purge the build dir for logger and go
again from scratch.

Gary (-;

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