[obdgpslogger] New Release: 0.5

Chunky Kibbles chunky at icculus.org
Fri May 22 21:41:53 EDT 2009

Heya All,

I've just made a 0.5 release of the software. A couple of the biggest
changes are:
1) OSX Packaging. Using cmake, there's now a "make package" target. It
does something useful on most platforms, but on OSX it drinks heavily
from the Apple kool-aid: It provides a .dmg with an app bundle in it, and
installs gpsd inside that app bundle. The GUI also now has a GPSD launch
wizard to go with it.
2) OBD values are now always converted to something useful. Previously,
they were pretty much considered just an unsigned integer
3) Many many small changes to packaging in general, code cleanliness.

This is what the ChangeLog has to say:

Version 0.5 (released 2009-05-22)
 Move common obdinfo into its own library
 add to obdinfo so programs can know units, max, min, etc
 obdgpslogger: Convert values returned from obd to actual numbers
 obdgpslogger: option to list supported PIDs in current OBD device
 obd2kml: add graph of vss/rpm [roughly "gear ratio"]
 obdgpslogger,obdgui: Take out start/stop trip buttons
 obdgui: Set dial ranges based on real value ranges
 obdgpslogger: Do not disable the gps database functions
 obdgpslogger: Portability improvements in signal handling
 cmake: Create a configure.h file so string #defs will work with xcode
 obdgui: Add a gpsd launch wizard
 cmake: Use cpack to build packages.
 cmake: Create app bundle, including gpsd on osx
 obdgui: Make some semi-educated guesses about device names

Have fun,
Gary (-;

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