[obdgpslogger] hi!

Ian Molton ian at mnementh.co.uk
Mon May 4 14:29:30 EDT 2009

Hi there,

I'm a n00b at this, but I've got some gear to start me off.

I've pulled a VW TDI ECU from a junkyard and some of the wiring harness, 
and got it hooked up on my bench to 12V and a USB-serial type ODB-II 
connector. VAG-COM (shareware) works, so the hardware is up-and-running 
- I can see things like the boost pressure change if I blow into the 
rubber hose I attached to it.

Next step is to get it up and running with some  OSS software - I tried 
freediag/scantool and it didnt recognise the usb-serial cable (and I 
couldnt see how to configure it for such).

My goal is to get all this data presented neatly on my 'in dash' 
computer that will replace the instrument cluster - see my build here:


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