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Thu Jan 27 00:38:24 EST 2005

Commiter   : havoc
CVSROOT    : /cvs/cvsroot/neither
Module     : neither
Commit time: 2005-01-27 05:38:24 UTC

Log message:

renamed base/shaders/bump.[frag|vert] to base/shaders/light.[frag|vert]
greatly enhanced lighting shaders to now have permutations based on used options (fogging, specular, etc) for more performance when some features are not used
added ambientintensity, diffuseintensity, specularintensity to lights (these scale the different lighting types)
rewrote most of player physics and moved parts of it to G_Entity_Move and G_Entity_GroundPhysics (experimental, may not be useful, not used for players anymore)
made the test rockbore a moving object, albeit just a box for collisions and it is a pretty misbehaved physics object (rotation not yet implemented, etc)

Modified files:
     darkwar/r_main.c darkwar/r_main.h darkwar/base/maps/test.ent
     darkwar/game/g_main.c darkwar/game/g_main.h

Added files:
     darkwar/base/shaders/light.frag darkwar/base/shaders/light.vert

Removed files:
     darkwar/base/shaders/bump.frag darkwar/base/shaders/bump.vert
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