[mojosetup] Windows support

yaio79 at libero.it yaio79 at libero.it
Mon Feb 15 10:50:04 EST 2010

Hello, I'm using MojoSetup and I successfully created an installer for a Linux 
game that we're developing.

Now, I'm wondering if it is possible to use MojoSetup also for the Windows 
version of the installer. I got MojoSetup compiled in my Windows environment, 
but when I launch it, the main window immediately closes without an indication 
about the problem.

Reding the documentation I see some Windows references, so I think that 
MojoSetup should work on a Windows machine. Is it available an example of a 
Windows installer (I mean, a sort of 'make.sh' scripts in the 'examples' 
directory of the MojoSetup's distribution)? I think that also a very minimal 
Windows' example could be very useful! :)

Thanks in advance! And compliments for this software, it's wonderful (I tried 
other installer-generators but this is the most usable and clean)!

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