[mojosetup] New install for Mega-Glest fails on older Ubuntu

Mark Vejvoda mark_vejvoda at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 26 13:45:36 EDT 2010

Ok then I think adding 7z is the best plan here. Zipping my install with 
zip takes about 300MB, using tar.bz2 goes done to 269MB, using 7z I 
beleive is around 180MB, so having 7z will benefit all users of mojosetup.


On 10-04-26 10:36 AM, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>> Looking at the code it seems only Zip archives can be glued to the 
>> mojosetup binary
>> to get a working installer.
> Yes. Zip files put some bytes at the end to tell you where they start, 
> so you can find the start of a zip file, when it's at some arbitrary 
> byte offset in the file. It's possible that .rar and .7z do this too 
> (I haven't checked), but they aren't implemented yet.
> .tar.bz2 doesn't offer this, and you don't want to use them in this 
> way anyhow, as they can't support random file access (we'd have to 
> walk the whole archive for each file we want to open in it. It can 
> work, but it will be slow).
> If the concern is compression, it's not unreasonable to put a tar.bz2 
> as an uncompressed .zip file entry. Installer unpacks the tar.bz2 when 
> installing, but uses the .zip as basic metadata to find what it needs.
> --ryan.
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