[mojosetup] Need translators for MojoSetup strings...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Mon Jan 14 20:17:20 EST 2008

> Draft for a german translation attached.

Thanks! This is in svn revision #421 now.

> There are some remarks, which I marked with FIXMEs.

To address these quickly:

     ["back"] = {  -- FIXME Does this name a button? Which one???

That's only used in the stdio GUI, so it needs to be something 
reasonable to type (reference the "Type '$0' to go back" string above 
it). There's a capitalized version ("Back") later for the GUIs to use.

     de = "_Immer", -- FIXME '_' _after_ the hotkey? What does this mean 

Whoops, that was my mistake, it's BEFORE the hotkey...I was looking at 
"N_ever" later on, and didn't think about the fact that "No" would take 
the "N" key in that same dialog.

This might have screwed up "Al_dri" in the "nb" translation, and maybe 
the others, too, but I'm not sure. Sorry about that.

     de = "FEHLER: Konfiguration $0 $1." -- FIXME '$' instead of '%'?

(Whoops again, it was late at night!)

> - More comments would be appreciated. Especially for whom the message is (eg. 
> how technical it should be), by whom it is displayed (GTK, stdio, ...), where 
> it is displayed (tooltip, window-title, ...).

I've updated the file to correct FIXMEs you reported and some other 
issues I noticed (like using different strings for the same thing in 
different places), and commented all the strings. Take a look when you 
get a chance and make sure I didn't screw it up.



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