Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Thu Feb 28 09:36:51 EST 2008

This may be an interesting experiment if nothing else, but I'm honestly 
already thrilled with the results after a few hours.

I've put MojoSetup on's translation service. Through the 
magic of perl, I've generated .po files from localization.lua, and 
uploaded them, so now people can contribute translations through a 
decent user interface in their web browser, and Launchpad will take care 
of managing it.

This means people otherwise unrelated to MojoSetup can swing by, fill in 
a translation or two from the "still need translation" list or review 
other people's translations, and be done with it...collectively, it adds 
up quickly, I hope.

The existing translations have also been uploaded, so there's no lost 
work (although the existing ones have a handful of new strings to be added).

If you know someone that is bilingual who could contribute a few minutes 
to either enter a few phrases or look over other people's work, please 
point them here:

I'll be writing up a script that merges the translated .po files that 
launchpad generates back into localization.lua soon. Within a few hours 
of posting the project, Czech and UK English versions appeared, and 
people have started on Ukrainian and Finnish too. It's exciting!


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