Desktop menu items!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Wed Feb 13 06:37:20 EST 2008

MojoSetup can now install (and uninstall) desktop menu items 
(specifically, it can put entries on gnome-panel's Applications menu, 
and whatever else xdg-utils supports). This support will eventually 
extend to the Windows "Start" bar, etc, but for now, it's just a Unix thing.

To use, you just make sure you install an icon with the rest of the game 
and add a Setup.DesktopMenuItem section to your config file.

Read the new docs on it here:

And the specific duke3d changes required for this...

There's more to do: you can't define file extensions that should be 
mapped to your application (just mimetypes...but we don't let you map 
extensions to mimetypes yet...), you can't install new submenus, 
xdg-desktop-menu needs to be obfuscated, etc, but this is everything you 
would need for most games you'd want to ship on Linux.

Questions and bugs: ask here.


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