GTK+ Browse for install path patch

Scott Brooks scott at
Fri Sep 14 02:35:53 EDT 2007

So I decided to start on improving the GTK+ interface as much as I can.

Attached is a patch to add a Browse button to the choose the destination

Some questions/comments though
1) I noticed that things are at an 80 char line length.  I went over it by a
few chars, but is that a hard and fast rule you would like me to abide by?
2) I adjusted create_button to accept the callback we want for the signal
3) Is the rest of the patch sane?
This is my first GTK+ codebase to hack on, so I would rather start learning
the correct habits.
4) How do you prefer contributions?  E-mailed diff's?

Once I get used to GTK+, I'll start trying to pretty it up a bit more.

Scott Brooks
HermitWorks Entertainment
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