[mojosetup] MojoSetup VS loki_setup VS *

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri Sep 14 02:15:41 EDT 2007

> I'm working on an installer for a linux game, and I was wondering if there is 
> any work being done on the GTK+ side of MojoSetup.

I certainly welcome any contributions, but in lieu of that, I'll be 
returning to this soon. The biggest hangup there is that I really have 
no eye for aesthetics at all...I can program the interface, but I really 
need an artist/ui designer to show me what to build. If it gets 
desperate, I'll probably contract someone to do it.

Most GUI toolkits (Qt, Cocoa, win32, etc) are basically blocked on this 
at the moment.

I would _love_ to ship Unreal Tournament 3 with MojoSetup, but it will 
be dependent on the state of the GTK+ UI and how much time I have during 
the UT3/Gears crunch.

loki_setup is still a viable option in the short term. I think MojoSetup 
brings a lot of nice new features to the table, but loki_setup has 
certainly proven itself for many years now. UT3 will use it if MojoSetup 
isn't ready (but titles in 2008 will probably switch over in the worst 


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