[mojosetup] First shot at documentation...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed May 16 20:14:41 EDT 2007

> First!

Thanks for spending time playing with this...what MojoSetup needs most 
right now are test cases and good feedback like this.

> My initial runs were met with some "NOTICE: Initial Lua setup failed.
> Cannot continue." messages
> You need a localization.lua, even if empty.

I couldn't reproduce this...it appears to handle this case correctly (no 
crash and MojoSetup.translate() just returns the original string for 

> I don't think the docs mentioned this, but you need to copy the
> mojosetup_*.lua files to scripts/ as well.

Not having those scripts will definitely cause problems, though.   :)  I 
made the docs a little more assertive that these are required, in svn 
revision #269.

> Then:
> NOTICE: scripts/mojosetup_mainline.lua:539: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs'
> (table expected, got string)
> That's because I used:
>     recommended_destinations = "/usr/local/games",
> the docs mentioned string or array of strings, but the script will only
> handle array of strings

Fixed in svn revision #268, thanks!

> - File already exists! Replace?
> needs an 'Always' option

Yes, that's a good idea.

> - the executable bit is not propagated (I am not using any archive, just
> a wildcards = "*")

Yeah, I forced the permissions for real directories, since files copied 
from a CD-ROM are usually all executable and read-only on Linux. We 
might need to add a "ignore_permissions" or "force_permissions" 
attribute to generalize this, or maybe just have the config's 
postinstall hook call chmod(). I'm open to opinions on this one.

In the short term, look at the FIXME around line 391 in fileio.c if you 
want to turn off my hardcoded permissions. The zip and tar archivers 
pass on the real permissions.

> - when prompting for install destinations, it would be nice to have the
> first one be the default, so instead of typing 1 and enter, one would
> just press enter

Fixed in svn revision #271.

> - stdio works fairly well, but are you planning an ncurses installer?

I would like one, but I haven't looked into ncurses (or dialog?) at all yet.

> - x64 machines:
> I'd want to distribute a single setup, which would be a 32 bit binary as
> it's basis. On my debian sid x64 machine, the 32 bit binary starts fine
> and goes to the stdio GUI. I'd rather avoid putting a statically linked
> Gtk2 in, and it turns out sid does not have 32 bit compatibility Gtk 2
> library installed. However, if the initial 32 bit binary would somehow
> relay to a 64 bit binary when the platform is right, that might solve
> the problem fairly nicely?

I'm not sure I'd call that "nicely."   :)

Does Debian not supply a compatibility library at all, or was the 
problem that it just wasn't installed (and if it's just not installed, 
will that be a common scenario)?

I really wish ELF had an equivalent of Mach-O's multi-arch binaries.

> PS: also attaching a tiny rewording on docs.txt

This is in svn revision #270, thank you. My writing gets redundant when 
I'm documenting software on no sleep.   :)


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