[mojosetup] First shot at documentation...

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Wed May 16 19:08:23 EDT 2007


My initial runs were met with some "NOTICE: Initial Lua setup failed.
Cannot continue." messages

You need a localization.lua, even if empty.
I don't think the docs mentioned this, but you need to copy the
mojosetup_*.lua files to scripts/ as well.

NOTICE: scripts/mojosetup_mainline.lua:539: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs'
(table expected, got string)

That's because I used:
    recommended_destinations = "/usr/local/games",
the docs mentioned string or array of strings, but the script will only
handle array of strings

A few notes:

- File already exists! Replace?
needs an 'Always' option

- the executable bit is not propagated (I am not using any archive, just
a wildcards = "*")

- when prompting for install destinations, it would be nice to have the
first one be the default, so instead of typing 1 and enter, one would
just press enter

- stdio works fairly well, but are you planning an ncurses installer?

- x64 machines:
I'd want to distribute a single setup, which would be a 32 bit binary as
it's basis. On my debian sid x64 machine, the 32 bit binary starts fine
and goes to the stdio GUI. I'd rather avoid putting a statically linked
Gtk2 in, and it turns out sid does not have 32 bit compatibility Gtk 2
library installed. However, if the initial 32 bit binary would somehow
relay to a 64 bit binary when the platform is right, that might solve
the problem fairly nicely?

This is very promising stuff overall, I have an stdio installer fully
functional for one of our internal projects already. Great work!


PS: also attaching a tiny rewording on docs.txt

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> This is probably a little rough still, but here's some more-or-less
> complete documentation on writing your own installer:
>    http://svn.icculus.org/*checkout*/mojosetup/trunk/docs.txt
> If you find places that need clarification, let me know.
> --ryan.

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