[mohaa] MOH:PA and ded server license

Lestat lestat at aresgames.com
Fri Dec 31 11:28:33 EST 2004


EA want a licence for every server a hostgame's company put online????
If so that is a real change of mind about hosting servers...
We try to put the lowest price for the customers so more can rent servers so
more buy the games... It's a way to pay back editors for theyr work I
think... So if we need to pay something for a server it will be the end-user
that will pay it so people will pay twice the game they bought!
We work hard for put good server online and for support our customers so in
a way we can ask EA for working to make them sell theyr games because
without servers they sell no games....

Anyway I don't see the way they will use for get that licence and imagine
the charges for send it...

Personaly if this mean really that we need to pay for put PA's servers
online I think we will just not do it...


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> With this comment being in the manual for PA in regards to the WIN32
> dedicated server how is it being played with the Linux binary?
> "you may not run a commercial business using the dedicated server
> we provide for multiplayer gaming.  you may not distribute this tool to
> others.  our dedicated server technology is a seperate tool that we
> with this product to demonstrate how to set up a host server for
> tournaments.  this tool is accompanied by a tools end user license
> ("licence agreement") which we require you to accept before you use it."

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