[mohaa] dreamin of a white xmas AND spearhead

Salsich, Luke LJS at protectorgroup.com
Mon Dec 30 11:30:42 EST 2002

hey, We'll take it!!! Alpha, or no Alpha...lets give it a shot. Best way to
finish it up is to have us help you work out the bugs.....LOL.


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> Tell them to get a life...hah!

They might not have to. Just fixed the last bug preventing a win32 client
to talk to a Linux spearhead server. Going to clean some stuff up (and
have my usual deathmatch with the bind() system call), and possibly put
out a alpha release tonight.

Note that I said "alpha". I have literally walked around a map for 15
seconds, so I don't promise this will be stable, fast, or...well, work at

Stay tuned.


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