TeamKillers and TeamWounders

[-SF-]Shockwave shockwave at
Tue Dec 17 12:02:40 EST 2002

Hello everyone,

While working on improvements to my Linux server administration tool, I
decided to take a peek at the game's script language to see what it had to
offer.  After researching it a bit and doing some experimentation, I have
developed a prototype mod that has opened up some new possibilities.

My tool has been doing a great job of identifying TK'ers in TDM games, but
the lack of team assignment information from the game itself has always been
an obstacle to extending this feature to other game modes.  All this has
changed with the new mod I have been working on because I am now able to log
each time a player changes team.  I have also been able to track the
following information:

- current player health
- damage incurred
- resulting player health

This got me thinking.  The common method malicious players use to escape TK
sanctions is to TeamWound.  They'll walk up to a teammate and either shoot
or bash them enough to cause health loss but not enough to cause death.  I
can modify my server tool to track these events and sanctions those
responsible, but a key piece of information is required that I have not yet
been able to find.  I need to be able to identify the player who has caused
the damage.

I have posted on a variety of sites asking if someone knows of a way to
access this information and haven't heard anything.  I even went to the
#ritual IRC channel and asked if anyone there could help.  Someone there
gave me the name of an EA programmer supposedly responsible for the
multiplayer code and I emailed him, but he hasn't replied yet either.  I'm
hoping that maybe someone on this list might be able to help.

If anyone does know how to access a player's attacker using the game's
script language or has any suggestions, please let me know.  If I can
implement TeamWounding logic then there will be one less annoyance for those
players who actually want to have fun playing the game with Friendly Fire


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